Request for Participation in North Hokkaido Tourism Survey

Question 1: Your travel experiences to Hokkaido. Please circle the responses which apply to you.
1-1 Have you ever thought about travelling to Hokkaido?
Please input specific place name.
Please input specific place name.
1-2 What interests you about travel in Hokkaido? (multiple responses possible)
Please input other information.
1-3 When researching travel in Hokkaido, how would you obtain your information? (multiple responses possible)
Please input the website name.
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* The following question is for those who have never travelled to Hokkaido
1-4 Please share the reasons why you have not been able to travel to Hokkaido (multiple responses possible)
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‘Top of Japan – The North Hokkaido Route’
Surrounded by spectacular nature, food and scenery.
Cast your eyes to the top of Japan and explore the northern land, sea and islands.

Enter Hokkaido via Sapporo or Asahikawa as many international tourists do, and head north to Japan’s northernmost city Wakkanai in the vast 350km stretch that makes up North Hokkaido.
Are any of the following places familiar to you? Please tick the boxes of the places you know.
Please refer to the map below and tick ☑ as many of the places/activities that interest you as you like.
Question 2: We want to ensure that travel in North Hokkaido is an attractive tourist option, so we are currently considering some sample routes for touring the northern Hokkaido region. Please answer the following questions as if you were planning a trip to North Hokkaido using information listed on the map of the previous page.
2-1 What kind of travel plan would you prefer to take if traveling to North Hokkaido? Please circle one preferred option from the table below.
What style of travel would you prefer?
Which season would you like to travel in?
How many days would you like to travel?
Who would you prefer to travel with?
What style of flight would you use when traveling from your home country to North Hokkaido?
What means of transport would you like to take in North Hokkaido?
What style of accommodation would you prefer?
What would you like to eat for evening meals?
2-2 What type of activities would you like to experience when visiting North Hokkaido? Please choose a maximum of three options.
Water activities (ocean, river, lakes etc.)
Inland activities (country, mountains, sky etc.)
Winter activities
Cultural, handcraft activities
Please input other experiences.
2-3 In regards to your responses provided in Sections 2-1 and 2-2, how much money would you bring on your travels to North Hokkaido? Please circle one option.
Question 3: Lastly, some information about you. Please circle the most appropriate response in the table below.
Age Range
Please input other occupation.
Average household income
Average household income (please include all income such as pension, interest, dividends etc.)

Average household income Form of currency
Number of trips made per year (only trips where accommodation is required)
  1. In home country times per year

  2. Outside of home country times per year
Which country would you most like to visit?
Please write one country
Please provide reasons why (multiple responses possible)
Please input other information.
What time of the year are you most likely to travel?
Please input other time of year.
Please tell us about your prior travels to Japan
  1. Number of trips

Places previously visited (multiple responses possible)
Question 4: Please share any thoughts you have about tourism in North Hokkaido
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